Friday, June 13, 2014

The Monkey Forest

The Chapman Family at the Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia

Oh, look how cute the Monkeys are in this Monkey Forest.

Dad:  Ah, Mr. Monkey, up close you're not so cute!
My, you have big, sharp teeth!
Ah, excuse me, that's a little to close.

Big Monkey: Hey Junior, keep him distracted so that
 I can figure out how to get these sunglasses from this idiot!

Look, Dad 's figured it out.
Hold the banana away from your vital organs.

Monkey to Brooke: Hi little girl, your moron Father thinks we actually
want those stupid peanuts and bananas.
We actually want wristwatches, cameras, and sunglasses!
Sometimes we even take a hostage or two.

Brooke: Dad, This monkey is CREEPING me out!
I think it would be advisable to .  .  .  . RUN!

Trevor: (amused)

Cool, even Trevor is getting into the action!

Oh no!  Trevor's wrist watch is gone! 

Monkey: let's see here, if I sneak up from behind, can I grab the little girl and run?

Brooke: Dad, keep your arms around me. These monkeys are creepy!
I don't really like the Monkey Forest after all!
I still think it would be in our best interest .  .  .  to RUN!

Dad: Hey Mr. Monkey, I really need some personal space.
 I don't like you guys so close to my neck and face with those sharp teeth!

Trevor: (calmly amused)

Oh silly Brookie, they are just innocent
little monkeys. Let Mommy show you how it is done! 

There see!  It's fun to feed the monkeys.

Oh, so cute! We LOVE the Monkeys!

 The next day!

Hi Little Monkey friends, it's us again!

Monkeys; Okay, let them warm up to us a
little and then we will move in for the attack!

Trevor: whoa, my Dad is right, they do have sharp teeth!

Denalee: Whoa, these guys get real friendly real fast.

Monkey on Denalee's shoulder to monkey on Denalee's lap: Keep her busy so that I can
decide what I am going to rip off and run away with!
 I can't decide between her pretty ear or her pretty braids!


Monkey on Denalee's shoulder: Okay, these braids will do just fine.
Let me stand up so that I can get some leverage!

Brooke: These Monkeys are really starting to creep me out!
I want OUT OF HERE!!

Denalee: Oh , Brookie! Stand still and smile! Dad is trying
to take a photo of these cute monkeys.

Brooke: I don't care about a stupid photo!
LET .  .  . ME  .  .   . GO!

T-Bird: (posing)

GET .  .  . ME .  .  .   OUTTA  .  .  .  HERE!
Sorry Mom, but I want you between me and these CREEPY MONKEYS!

Denalee: Brad, quit fooling around and get the photo! These monkeys are CREEPY!

(Our friend Grandma Steel comes to Brooke's rescue)

Trevor: (amused)

The End!